Question regarding Alona and itemization.

  • The question is, does building damage increase the heals on her primary?

    since my buddy played as our graceful support during the event at twitchcon, he recently said he forgot to ask the devs while we were there. I thought I would bring it up.

  • @KashedOut it does! Rich confirmed that in last week's stream.

  • @KashedOut Yeah, attack damage modifies heals just like Protection works against "magic" and "physical" damage. From what I understand, magic and physical damage are both seen as "attack damage."

  • Amazon Game Studios

    @MackNJeeves you are spot on. There is no concept of magic versus physical damage in Breakaway, so building attack damage improves all basic attacks and abilities. Likewise armor negates damage for all types of attacks.

  • Fantastic! Appreciate the information fam!

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