Who can't YOU wait to play?

  • Alright guys. While we wait for the Alpha to come out, I have one question.

    Who is that one character you can't wait to get your hands on? While I do want to play everyone, I gotta say right now that character for me is Spartacus hands down!!

    Black Knight is a close second just because he also looks pretty beastly.

    Edit: Reading these replies is getting me hyped! I hope we get more in after this next stream.

  • For me it's Morgan, followed by Alona and Anne Bonnie. I seriously can't wait.

  • Well i just cant wait to play more Sparty. I want to play the whole cast thought like i did before the exhibition. So much fun

  • I cant wait to play Spartacus. I believe I can fly.

  • I seriously can't wait to play Anne Bonny. Her long-ranged, mobile style is exactly what I look for in a character, and I'm excited to sabotage the enemy's buildables and make tons a great plays with her evasive jump once we get into alpha.

  • I feel like there will be a lot of Spartacus players.

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    Can't go wrong with Spartacus. He's my favorite! All about the rush in, wreck shop, get out!

  • @GutterMagic Retribution!

  • @MissDJM neither can I! TT_TT

  • Morgan, as well. Can't wait!

  • Thorgrim for sure!

  • I played so much sparticus I cant wait to try out all the others LOL

  • I definitely have to go with my tanks - Thorgrim and Black Knight. Though I really want to dig in to Morgan. Though she's a tough character, I feel like she can bring something unique and even devastating to a team comp. I just need some more time with her.

  • Alona and spartan where awesome haven't really got a chance to play the other characters...

  • i have no idea at all, probably going to be Spartacus or BBK

  • Black Knight and Rawlins. I want to play that shit.

  • Played Blackknight at Twitchcon and won 2 matches with him, cant wait to play him in alpha.:lifter_tone3:

  • for me its black knight i saw that thing and it was op as shit , btw go red !

  • Tonight, We Dine in Hell!

  • This post is deleted!

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