When will Alpha Codes be delivered to the top 5000 viewers during TwitchCon?

  • Hi,

    So excited for this game, and I'm super happy that we finally have the forums up.

    I want to get into this game as soon as possible so I can start making guides and producing informative streams about the game for the viewers!

    My question is: when will we be getting the alpha codes promised to the top 5000 viewers of @playbreakaway during TwitchCon?

  • @ztotheatothectothek Yeah. One thing they did say is that the full release of Stream+ will be happening with the release of Breakaway, so I don't think we will see any other integrations with Stream+ and any other games in the near. Definitely something to look forward to, though!

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Hi Everyone! Thanks for your excitement about Breakaway! We will be providing more opportunities for Stream+ interactions before alpha and haven't forgotten about all of you who did use Stream+ during TwitchCon. We are working on the setting up the redemption systems, but be rest assured that all of you who made the top 5K, will be rewarded with a front of the line, alpha code.

    In the meantime, you should sign up for the alpha via the homepage and make sure you're in our system. You'll be able to enter your code after the fact.

    thanks and sorry again about the delay.

  • We probably get them through the forums, since we connect with Twitch here.

  • Hopefully soon! I also hope there will be more Stream+ games to watch, it added a really fun way to watch streams.

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