Alpha Announce Date Revealed 12/15 - Official thread

  • Breakaway alpha date discussion thread! We want to welcome any thoughts, feedback and discussions in this thread regarding the alpha announcement. As news rolls in, we will update this post to keep things going.

  • For me, the big things are:

    Confirming that Alpha will be up 24/7 with down times just for maintenance and such. I'm not expecting to level my account or anything, it's Alpha - resets are normal; but I do feel that keeping it up but in closed access would be nice.
    On top of that: making sure it really is closed access - yes, we want a solid community of people in the game to test, but having so many keys that pretty much everyone who wants to can get in takes away from the hype. Don't go Overwatch level of exclusivity/hype-starving, but find that middle ground.
    Marketing is gonna be key for this game. It's got all the potential in the world to become a big eSport and popular game, so splurge on getting the word out as much as you can! <3

    This kind of falls under the marketing topic as well, but I feel a lot of us are curious as to any plans for bringing in big names from other communities like MOBAs.

    I'll expand and edit this as we get closer as well, but those are some out-of-game thoughts/hopes.

    Cheers, can't wait to become champions together.

  • Im super excited to for this announcement! Although Im going to be in the alpha I feel a little behind already because some people get to play it before I do. I hope to become top tier and win tournaments in the future.

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