The Breakaway Alpha Phase starts December 15!

  • Last week, during our inaugural episode of Throwdown Thursday, we announced the Breakaway Alpha phase would begin on December 15. We’d now like to make it official and give you all some more insight into what you can expect.

  • Now that its closer to the anticipated Alpha date , I was wondering if there was any concrete decision on letting testers stream the alpha while they play? Thanks!

  • The non-24/7 thing is a bit disappointing, I won't lie. Very ready to grind this game for all its worth from the very beginning.

    That being said, the other ideas and teasers here are very exciting. Confirmation of a new map and hero, I was expecting, but keeping the Throwdown Thursday's as a thing is awesome.

    I do think that the Alpha needs to have some form of exclusivity - "closed access" that feels pretty much open to anyone who wants in takes away a lot of hype.

    Excited for what is to come, here's hoping the non-24/7 will at least be good amounts of time per day when it is up.

  • Any thoughts so far? Let us know here!

  • @adamhwong I'm thinkin' I wanna get featured on a Throwdown Thursday!

  • Hi, First time posting on the forums, Loved the game at Twitchcon, especially 3-0 Ou1tterHed's team on stage :grinning:.

    I understand the limited up time at first, Can you confirm that for those two days a week when the game is open, that is will be for a full 24 hours?

    As far as streaming alpha, me being a community manager for a extremely small streamer, I can say we are super hyped for this game. Alpha streaming would mean a different perspective on the game outside the people playing it, while still keeping the community fairly tight from only being able to stream on the two starting days it will be available. This will also let the people not able to play feel like they are part of the dev process as well. Set guidelines for posting bugs/suggestions, make sure people state whether they are a player or viewer.

  • Excited to finally get to play this game. Watched a bunch of it during twitchcon and enjoyed being a viewer. Can't wait to be on the other side of the game.

    As far as streaming the alpha, seeing as this game is being geared towards twitch streamers and their watchers. It would only seem natural to allow streaming. This would allow you to iron out bugs and get feedback on all aspects of the game. Of course this also creates hype and will bring in more interest as well from people watching streamers.

  • I cannot wait for this game. Alpha, Beta, final release, everything. I played it all weekend at Twitch Con and couldn't get enough. Honestly, I want to stream this game all the time and I really hope you allow us to stream the Alpha. Mostly, I just want to be able to share this game with my community and get them as hype about it as I am.

  • Hey, would love to be able to stream it on Twitch, got the alpha code at Twitchcon and streamed it there, and signed up to play at the studios, hopefully you allow streaming as I think it'd really increase your player/viewerbase!

  • Definitely can't wait to play this over the Christmas season. And yes, I really do hope we get to stream playing this! Definitely want to build a community around this awesome title.

  • Re streaming the Alpha on Twitch: I would be up for streaming the Alpha. While I can understand concerns about "showing" a game that's still in development, I think that allowing streaming of the Alpha would actually be beneficial. Most Twitch viewers watch streams for the community, the streamer, and to learn more about games they play or are interested in playing. Making the Alpha available to watch would be a great way to generate more interest in the gaming community, especially as viewers begin to form opinions about the game. Watching some of their favorite streamers play the Alpha and hearing about how interactive Amazon Game Studios is in getting feedback to improve the game would cause viewers to be more favorable to purchasing the game themselves when it is released. You could also use it as an opportunity to get more feedback on the viewer side. You could watch the chats of streamers playing Breakaway, and you could even partner with a couple of streamers to ask their communities questions about the gameplay as they are watching. You'd get a unique perspective on what's important to gamers before they purchase or download a game in addition to actual gameplay feedback.

  • Sweet the 15th huh. I wonder what it's going to be like. I have been avoiding info, just to get a full blind first impression. This is an exciting thing. Keep in mind people, this is their first game and it's a alpha. See you out there!

  • I would assume that since streaming and playing with your viewers is part of the appeal of the game we would get to do that?

  • I would love to stream the alpha! The game looked amazing at twitchcon and can't wait to be #1 across all leader boards ... needless, to say I am stoked!

  • I almost certainly want to do streaming for the ALPHA test. I've done streams of many other games in their ALPHA and BETA test phases and it's an even better way to provide feedback to a company. They can be given the link to watch in real time the issues players are having with the game. The thoughts that are going through their heads as they do certain things and how they react to certain aspects or aesthetics of the game as well. It'll provide useful benchmarking data for streamers as well so they know what kind of settings they will need to use for their system to stream with the least amount of FPS and data loss on their streams while they play.

  • Streaming the Alpha is a GO!

  • @Holy4v3ng3r I saw a post here from @adamhwong indicating that you can stream the alpha

  • What time does it begin!?! It said 6 Pacific... what time is that central? 8? Gah! I woke up too early!

  • WHAT are the system requirements ?!

    PLEASE be Directx 9 or Directx 10.1 COMPATIBLE !

    PLEASE ! i don't have cash for a new PC !

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