Throwdown Thursday Breakdown Video

  • VIDEO HERE <---

    Hey everyone, Kalo here. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this video.
    I put a lot of work and hours into making it as best I could, and while I may not have all the resources to reach even further, I'm honestly very proud of the outcome.

    I'll let the video speak for itself. Cheers, all.

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    Great breakdown!. I love the detailed moment by moment analysis - it shows how little mistakes in engagements or positioning lead to Relic scores. Learning how to induce opponents to make those mistakes and understanding how to capitalize on them is what defines high level play.

  • Great job Kalo! ;)

  • @Zin_Ramu cheers yo, was definitely impressed with your play.

    Best of luck this Thursday, excited to see this match, and even more so to eventually play with/against you in the future!

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