Anne Bonny Jump-Shot Question

  • Wondering if the devs can weigh in on this one. In the VODs from the recent TBTs and TwitchCon matches, I've noticed Anne Bonny players doing a jump-shot to pretty much eliminate the rooting penalty associated with attacking. I had I few questions:

    1. Can melee characters do this? Can they attack and the air and effectively still be moving while attacking?

    2. Is this going to be patched/changed? I think this is a really cool mechanic that could add a lot of skill to the game, but it could also end up becoming a bit broken if you can do it on all characters.

    3. When doing this technique on Anne Bonny, and during jumps in general, when you jump in a direction are you locked into moving in that direction until you land?

    Thanks, and let me know if any of my questions require clarification.

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    Kalogogy covered it well:

    • Yes, melee can attack in the air and there are some benefits to doing so (better frame advantage mainly)
    • This will not be patched, its intentional
    • While jumping, all characters have some level of "air control", but this level of control is much less than when moving on the ground

  • @Peekyu I'm curious as to how this would be broken on melee champs. I can understand that they might be a bit harder to hit if they're jumping around, but I see the tradeoff being that they can combo or cover a wider area using their standing basic attacks.

  • I can answer a couple of these.

    Firstly, melee characters can do it, although I'm not sure of its effectiveness.

    It's been said that this is intended and will not be patched, but I could see that being changed in the future. (I'm for it staying in, personally.)

    You are indeed locked into your momentum as is normal, but if you have some sort of means to change your movement mid-air, like a dash or jumping after Musket Jump in Anne's case, then you can essentially change your direction.

  • Cool. Good to hear that there are no current plans to get rid of that mechanic.

    @flipdup Well, since it seems to be something that was intended in the design, I think it's fine. I think it's super cool and will definitely fit in the game. I was just worried that they didn't think about who they were giving that ability to and if it was unplanned by the devs. I should've known they would be on top of things. :panda_face:

  • @Peekyu from the talks i had with Devs they want this kind of mechanic in the game because they feel it raises the skill ceiling and if you can find a away to use it to your advantage you should be able to do it.

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