ASUS Partnership and Info

  • Hey guys!

    Looking for some information from the Devs here. I was trying to find information on the ASUS Partnership/Sponsorship that has been mentioned on the Throwdown Thursday episodes.

    I would like to write an article about the fact that Breakaway and ASUS are together on this and also would like to highlight the model of G11 which Amazon is using for their TDT matches. The monitor was already referenced by one of the broadcasters by model number so I have that.

    For the G11, I'm looking for RAM/CPU/Graphics specs which are in use in the Amazon Game Studios machines.

    And also to know if there is any chance of getting a press release from Amazon or ASUS about this partnership?

    I tried contacting you all about this through the website and was directed to create a forum post.

    So I apologize if this isn't the appropriate method.

    Many thanks,

  • Anyone get a chance to check on this?

  • Sorry yxelize, I'll send you a PM!

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