"Calypso" Fan-Made Warrior Kit

  • Hey everyone, Kalo here! It’s my dream to be designing and balancing characters for a living, so a big thanks to developer Nocnoz for challenging me to do so and a shoutout to everyone else who’s been making their own warriors. It’s really cool seeing the different ideas and I’m curious to see if any of them will be implemented in the game!
    That being said, I understand that the detailed portion is a bit long, but if you want to give feedback I’d recommend reading through that part as well, simply because I talk about possible changes, past ideas, the motivation behind my choices, etc.
    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

    Short Lore
    Enchanting & Lonesome are my keywords for Calypso.
    For those that do not know, Calypso’s story revolves around her island, which she may never leave. Only a few travelers have ever found it, and it is said that once you have, Calypso will offer you immortality and her hand in marriage if you stay, but if you choose to leave you will never be able to return. The idea of her is a man's dream and her image is envied by women, yet Calypso lives a life destined to be isolated, feeling her own form of envy towards those with free choice, especially for those who find her island and then leave her forever.


    Primary Attack:
    Projectile that tethers the first opponent hit for a short duration. Calypso’s abilities prioritize the tethered target.
    Ability 1: Misted Departure - 7 Sec Cooldown
    Blink that leaves a patch of mist, slowing and damaging anyone near it. Active tethers are slowed and take damage, then the tether is broken.
    Ability 2: Seduce - 10 Sec Cooldown
    The closest warrior within range is targeted. Opponents take a burst of damage and are tethered to Calypso. If they were already tethered, they take extra damage. Teammates gain a temporary damage boost and heal Calypso.
    Ability 3: Enchant - 12 Sec Cooldown
    Calypso sings a beautiful note in a line, damaging and enchanting the first opponent hit.
    (Enchantment: cannot attack or use abilities, moves at a reduced speed towards the caster.)
    Ability 4 (Ultimate): Ogygia - 24 Sec Cooldown
    For a short duration, the closest opponent within range is confused and their abilities and attacks hit teammates as well.
    (Confusion: cannot tell the difference between teammates and enemies, color of health bars all turn into enemy ones and names disappear.)
    Buildable 1: Heartbeat Tower
    Slows nearby opponents in pulses and constantly deals damage over time.
    Buildable 2: Morale Beacon
    Grants nearby teammates a small damage and speed buff.

    General Gameplay & Combos
    The ideal combo would be to land a primary attack then immediately enchant so the opponent doesn’t get out of range. Then quickly follow with Seduce and blink away.
    To get super aggressive, you can blink in towards an opponent to get a melee ranged primary off, followed again by Enchant then Seduce, or if they’re low enough, even just blink, seduce, enchant.

    Calypso plays as a mage. She isn’t inherently tanky, but has a great mix of mobility and cc to keep herself safe while she tries to manage the battle. Her damage is lacking in separate pieces, but that can be made up for with combos or a game-changing ultimate. Her buildables also complement a steady playstyle, using the tower and beacon to her team's advantage, waiting for the opponents to slip up or placing them aggressively to gain the edge in a fight.
    When being chased by opponents, try hitting a primary attack or Seduce first to guarantee an Enchant hit before blinking away. Only get aggressive when you’re completely confident, because Calypso only has one innate form of mobility and will not survive long when focused down. Although she may do well carrying the relic as she has many ways to quickly fight back if she is forced to drop it, she’s even more effective at escorting teammates trying to score, being able to deter opponents who try getting in the way for good amounts of time and, if played well, even threatening strong single target burst damage.

    In Depth Ability Explanations:

    Primary Attack:
    Only one opponent can be tethered at a time. Attacking again will cancel the current tether, whether the new attack hits an opponent or not. (If the new attack hits the currently tethered opponent, it is simply a new tether.) This is to ensure the player is actually thinking about their attacks, not just firing as quickly as they can (that, by the way, would not be quickly with Calypso. Easy tether spamming would be irritating). Tethers last 2 seconds, allowing for quick combos but not easy abuse.
    Ability 1: Misted Departure
    This slow is on the lower end, something around 25%. The “patch” is simply a small circle area, and the damage is applied over 2 seconds. It could be a trail that’s left in the line she blinks instead? The damage counter will restart every second the opponent is in the mist until they leave or it dissipates, giving a maximum of 6 seconds of damage and slow, however this happening is highly unlikely given the ideal AoE size and slow speed. Tethered targets that are hit are given the same slow and 2 second initial DoT. Not sure if the cooldown needs adjusting as this is Calypso’s only tool to get close to a target offensively for an ability when she can’t land a primary attack for the tether. Also wondering if the mist should be hard to see through?
    Ability 2: Seduce
    Not sure if the heal should be on the teammate instead, or I could make it so if no one is in range, Calypso simply applies the heal and damage buff to herself? The idea with the current iteration is that when someone visits her, both her and the other person are benefiting (or, in the case of the enemy “outlook” per se, she is benefiting because of their captivity -- I do however understand that gameplay mechanics being optimal are more important than them matching the lore, which is why I have these above suggestions). I say a “burst of damage” to emphasize that this is her main source of damage. Could also make tethered targets receive a reset on their tether counter?
    Ability 3: Enchant
    It’s essentially Ahri’s charm from League of Legends, except a little more dynamic (thrown in a skill shot or guarantee hit on the opponent you have tethered) As of now, lasts 2 seconds.
    Ability 4 (Ultimate): Ogygia
    I know the “opponent's abilities can hit and affect (meaning their crowd controls will work on teammates as well) mechanic is dangerous -- I know; But I feel if it’s implemented and balanced correctly, it could be amazing to play with and against. Calypso’s primary attack/ability mechanic makes this a difficult skill to make work as intended. I’m having a hard time deciding on a duration for the ability (I feel that this is something best decided by in-game testing), and have picked 4 seconds as of now. This is the least fluid part of the kit, so seeing it replaced while keeping the rest of the kit together would be okay (feel free to share your ult ideas if you don’t think this one would work out).
    Buildable 1: Heartbeat Tower
    This is simple, solid, and fits well with her aesthetic. If Alona’s Light of Judgement stays how it is, this probably won’t force a relic drop either, but the slow will be strong, say 40-50%.
    Buildable 2: Morale Beacon
    This is another straightforward one. It fits Calypso as a character to have buildables that work in a nearby range. I picked damage for potential stacking with her Seduce ability, and speed to give her just a little more mobility (along with her team, obviously). I do think that an AoE for this buff might be too strong, so maybe giving it to the first teammate in the comes in range until they leave?

    Concluding Thoughts

    I can definitely say that I enjoyed making Calypso and feel that I would seriously enjoy playing with and against this character in Breakaway. Her story is one of my favorites ever, and I’m proud of how I tied in lore-consistent abilities without intruding on gameplay mechanics in a negative way. (Kalypso #shipped.) Feel free to come hang out at (twitch.tv/kalology) for more Breakaway content when the alpha drops, possibly including a community-collaboration to make another warrior!
    Also, another big thank you to Nocnoz for presenting me with this challenge/activity!

  • Wow this is amazing Kalo!

    I'll show this to the team as soon as possible. So many good ideas here, I dig it!
    How do you envision Calypso visually? What would be her two or three main reads?
    What would you do to make her look familiar to the known mythology but at the same time original and different?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Great job!

  • @Nocnoz I'm really glad you like it, and the idea of a character that I or anyone here in the community makes being put into the game in some capacity (responding to what you said in the Discord) is very exciting.

    Calypso is, by mythological lore, a nymph, which are beautiful creatures based primarily in their sexual attraction. On top of that, she is perceived to have attuning with the sea (not water powers per se, but understanding with and connection to it, which makes sense as she lives on a mystical island). That being said, I feel that a striking blue-white combo would match her aesthetically well. Long, waved, white hair with a large blue streak or streaks could look cool. Think deep/enchanting, not so much bright/neon. Elegant, flowing apparel to match, but still battle-ready too (more on why later). I also imagine her holding some sort of small orb, maybe with a heart or crystal in it, that emanates a light pink or dark blue/purple. It'd be a sort of physical representation of her desire for love, and she would use it to throw her primary attacks, quite literally connecting with those she hits/comes in contact with.

    More about being battle-ready, I love the idea that she came to fight for the power of the relic in hopes that it will help her find the one thing she's never been able to attain: lasting love. (A bit cheesy, maybe -- but most warriors are here for fame, power, money, glory...usual stuff. This is so different!) That being said, her apparel can feel both flowing/elegant AND strong. Calypso has left her own island knowing she too may be destined to never find it again, to find something she desires more than the comfort of home. Yeah, sure she's looking for love, but maybe in this search, having to step up for herself, she'll find something else? :D
    (See, I'm even including the whole cliffhanger lore ordeal you guys got going on that I love so much.)

    Also, c'mon: the innuendos are too good to pass up. Here's one:
    "This one's bigger than I'm used to!" - when she picks up the relic, referring to her normal orb weapon. (LOL!)

    To reiterate, sure, she's a nymph, beautiful and sexually appealing, but even if that is one of her "reads" (as I do agree it should be), her other ones speak to her more as a person than an image, those being her blue-white color aesthetic (especially the long, waving hair with a great blue streak[s]) and her deep blue/purple or bright pink orb.

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