Goal / End Zone Aesthetics and functionality

  • Last week, I made a suggestion in the TDT chat. Somebody from AGS replied, saying that I should make a thread with my ideas, so here it is.

    What caught my attention at first, which now won't let me forget it, is the color of the goal after a relic score, and or match win.
    Admittedly I'm old and easily confused, but a red team score which makes blue fireworks go off had me wondering what happened, even when I kind of knew.
    One solution, if anybody deems this aesthetic aspect of the game worthy of attention, would be to simply have the goal light up red after a score, then go back to blue if the match isn't over.

    Another idea I had was to have the cylinder of light above the goal be blue, with a double helix inside.
    One score by the opposition would turn one strand of the white or bluish helix red, another and you'd have a full red double helix inside the blue cylinder.
    Obviously, instead of the helix, the tint of the cylinder could just ever so slightly change. Rather than red helix strand, it could go violet, then purple, and finally full red for match victory.

    It also occurred to me that one of these scores could be use to give, or remove some of the advantages and or disadvantages of playing around the goal.
    EG: one helix slightly lowers the healing of the blue team, or gives a small amount of healing to the red team, or both.
    At any rate, that's as much as I'd thought through this. Thanks for letting, and encouraging me to throw my two cents in.

  • Hmm that is interesting, I had not noticed the light color when a goal is scored.

    If it is as you say. To me it makes most sense to simply have the programming set up to make the light turn blue if the blue team scores and the light turn red if the red team scores. Avoiding any confusion and adding another visual feedback for the viewers.

    Some more Aesthetics and Functionality Ideas:

    Speaking of visual feedback to viewers.. I never took notice, because I often watch sports, but I just noticed that the two different sides (red and blue) of the map/zone/arena are not really distinguished from eachother. For people who cannot easily follow the teams "flow" or movements through the map, while the camera is moving and changing angles, it could be a very good thing to add colored accents or highlights on each side. I noticed blue lights on each side, between the pillars. One side could have them red. Or colored lines up the pillars themselves, or painting some of the faces of the staircases, or having the golden lines on the ground have a red or blue highlight depending on which side you are on. Whatever small accents, just to give the viewers some more passive knowledge as to location and what is happening. When you see 4 blue players in a zone where the ground and pillars have red highlights, it is quite easy to see that there is something contrary happening. Where if those same players were in their own zone with blue highlights, you'd know the action is more slow (harmonic) and about to move.

    Actually, I just watched some more footage and you already have the right idea going on, with the glowing blue lines in the center of the map. But taking that same concept and using it to communicate map zones instead of just using it for atmosphere/ambiance. So at the middle of the map, the left side of the circle would be red and from the center, the right side would be blue.. those lines extending and weaving their way back through the map until their respective Goal.

    I think it could communicate a lot of information passively.

    The buildables do that well, they are accented appropriately, but when the teams don't have any buildables up, it is hard to tell which side is which when the camera is zoomed in.

    Also, I couldn't tell from the footage I watched since it was a blowout, and I can't recall at the moment, but if not, the Blue goal "game object" should have blue light and the Red goal "game object" should have red light. (not active light when a score happens but the passive light in the model itself.)

  • Hi KFOD,

    I'm Simon, Art Director on the Breakaway team.
    I totally agree and I share your confusion on the aesthetics (I'm probably old too :P) and this is something that the art team is currently improving and testing.

  • Hi yxelize,

    I do agree on your feedback too. We have a few ideas that will help the player know on which side of the arena he (she) is.
    Thank you!

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Hey all, this is Greg (EarlGrey), a Visual Effects Artist for Breakaway.

    Great feedback, it's not the first time this has come up and we are working towards visual clarity.

    To add a little more clarity to the discussion, keep in mind that Breakaway is a game of allies and enemies. Your allies are always blue, and your enemies are always red. This makes it very consistent as a player because you are essentially always on the 'blue team'.

    The great news is that we can have one event and define how allies and enemies will see that event. I will see it as blue, where my enemy will see it as red.

    This makes it possible to process the great deal of visual information on the screen. "That is enemy colored, it can hurt me. That is ally colored, I'm safe."

    For example. Morgan's Circle of Spite. This is a powerful ability that causes enemies to take more damage. The Morgan player sees the circle as Purple and black which are the signature colors of Morgan's effects. Her allies see it as safe ally blue, allowing them to try and take the fight to the Circle. Enemies see the Circle as dangerous enemy red. "Run for your lives!"

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


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