Initial Impressions

    • General character movement did not feel good; was slow, characters all felt the same in terms of animation weight and movement. Dodging would be a nice addition.
    • VFX did not do a great job of communicating melee strikes or weapon tracers, long range impacts. Everything felt the same size.
    • Gameplay felt plodding. Four minutes is a nice amount of time because any more and the game would feel like a slog.
    • Was difficult to determine the range of a character's melee or projectile range
    • Nothing feels impactful
    • The sport side of the game feels like an after thought.
    • The trap/building side feels like an after thought
    • Ball could benefit from using physics instead of an animation

    For the amount of polish on the character side - animation, VFX, audio, and environment all feel like secondary or tertiary character for the game.

    Why should I want to play this other than that it's Rocket League + MOBA characters/skills?

    What makes it more than just MOBA + RL or Mario Super Strikers? Does not make me feel powerful, strategic, or like I am having fun. Yet.

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