My First Experience with Breakaway

  • Hey guys,

    It's been a while since I've posted in the forums. We're all (at least a lot of us are) eagerly awaiting December 15th so we can finally get in there and play some Breakaway!

    In the Discord earlier today I was having a chat about my first experience with Breakaway and just thought I'd share a bit about it while I wait...

    This is a long one! Long story short, I played Breakaway this one time and I rly like it.

    So there I was. TwitchCon 2016. I had honestly only gone there to meet a few of my favorite streamers and maybe get some free stuff. Shortly after getting my badge and walking around and familiarizing myself with the expo floor I saw a big stage with huge screens and people gathered around watching some moba game. I spotted Tasty Steve doing commentary and I thought to myself "Hey! I've seen this guy do Street Fighter commentary! I gotta go meet him!" After I got through my momentarily star-struck state I stayed for a bit to see what the game was about. I then noticed they were letting people get on stage from the crowd and I was like yknow what? I should try this out after I've done everything I wanted to do here. Breakaway huh? Interesting.

    After some hours of exploring TwitchCon I went to the casual-play line with my roommate and sat down in those awkward tall chairs to play the game. The first Warrior I played was Black Knight (which works nicely as this week is Black Knight week). I was like "This guy looks bad-ass. I'm him now." I easily had no idea what I was doing and I'm pretty sure we lost badly. I was just immediately intrigued by the game. I was just jumping around swinging my axe, using my ult whenever I could, and selfishly going on the slowest breakaways possible, all while playing absolutely zero defense. All-in-all I had a good time. I was then handed my coin from Zin Ramu (I'm pretty sure it was you at least) and I told myself I'd put in my alpha code when I got back to my hotel because I thought the game was interesting (only slightly at that point in time).

    The next day after meet-and-greets and exploring the expo floor we decided to try the competitive line, because why not? We had played once. We're OBVIOUSLY pros now. What do we have to lose? My roommate and I were paired up with some guys who had actually never played before. We were like it's okay we don't know what we're doing either. We were assigned MrSil as our coach for the first game. He was telling us how he had an amazing record and didn't lose and we were like man. This guy's gonna coach us to the promised land for sure. Our team comp was Thorgrim (me), Rawlins, Alona, and Spartacus (who I don't think I discovered yet...) I remember MrSil telling us very simple, easy to follow instructions as beginners and we won our first game! At that point I felt a rush. From what I remember we absolutely stomped that team. We felt so confident going on stage. That sweet Breakaway shirt was practically mine!

    I'll be honest, my memory gets fuzzy here, because we lost on stage (and let MrSill down :( my bad coach). And we lost BAD! I didn't know how to place Thorgrim's walls or like... play him at all. That's all I remember. I don't wanna blame anyone else cause that's not my style so I spent the whole rest of the day trying to figure out what I could've done better. I had next to zero playing time and said to myself I NEED TO KNOW MORE. As we left TwitchCon that night I told my roommate we're winning tomorrow and we're going home with those sick grey shirts.

    Now it's Sunday. The last day of TwitchCon. I had one mission. Win. On. Stage. This time I wanted to go in educated. I told myself I'd pick one character and learn as much as I could. Spartacus. This led to quite a few stomps in casual play. It also started out with a ton of losing as I played selfishly sometimes just so I could experiment and learn more about Spartacus with the limited time I had to play. Admittedly I was one of the people who lost on Gutter and DJ's team (sorry!) because I wasn't focused on winning the actual game. I was experimenting with combos, seeing if abilities could damage buffs, messing with buildables, etc. All so I could take what I learned with me onto the stage. Casual losses didn't matter to me. I wanted that shirt....

    My roommate and I got a new coach this time. UX Killa. We also got some players that were a bit more experienced. This time our comp was Spartacus (me, duh), Rawlins, Alona, and BK. We breezed past our prelim game and the wait to get on stage was such a long one. I was nervous, but I was prepared to play all day if I had to. We then got on stage. I was pumped. Got a little shout out from Tasty Steve as I walked out. Ready to go. Got on those super clear sounding headsets, picked up my controller, and locked in Spartacus.

    Day 3 - Match 4 - If you care to watch the match it's right here thanks to Breakaway uploading all matches played on stage!

    It was a hard fought battle, but we ended up winning! In all three possible ways as well (making it a perfect educational video for new players cough cough). But seriously I don't even think I played very clean and I DEFINITELY tunneled out a bit, left a lot of gold on the ground, and died a lot. (Watching this back almost kills me. I wish I knew how to slide!) But playing Spartacus is just a feeling that I can't wait to experience again. It gets real.... AND I kicked someone off the map (I love that combo). And followed up with the last kill for a team wipe! (I know right? Pretty cool stuff. I get in there.) UX Killa coached us to the victory, my team stayed tough, and I got my prized Breakaway shirt that I will forever hold dear.

    I couldn't stop thinking about the game after my loss. I couldn't stop thinking about it after my win. I think I found a pretty special game in Breakaway.

    Anyway, that's my super long story about my first experience with Breakaway. Maybe I got some stuff wrong. Maybe my timelines were a little messed up. TwitchCon was a long time ago (even though sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday...) All that matters is I finally got that win, and my desire to play still burns strong.

    I can't wait to get my hands on that Alpha...

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    Thanks for sharing your story flipdup (the match video is great also, even if it does show my team betting creamed 0-3 :-( )

    So glad you have an Alpha coin, I can't wait for you to play in December and see the progress we've made. Please let us know your thoughts, we're still early in development and know there is a lot we can improve, so be vocal.

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    Great read flipdup! Thanks for sharing.

    @flipdup said in My First Experience with Breakaway:

    sat down in those awkward tall chairs to play the game

    @flipdup said in My First Experience with Breakaway:

    Got on those super clear sounding headsets

    The polar extremes of the event. =)

  • @Tao_Owl You gotta take the good with the "awkward" haha.

  • @Zin_Ramu I will definitely be vocal. I genuinely want to see this game be the best it can be. I hope to do my part in making that possible.

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