Vote now! Throwdown Thursday 12/1

  • Hey everyone! If you didn't hear about it already, we're letting you vote for how our broadcast plays out tomorrow. All you have to do is vote right here! Cast your choices before the broadcast begins at 5 p.m. tomorrow, and those will be the restrictions we put into play.

    Log in to the forums and vote now!

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    Where is the option for "No DaBillz" ;-)

    That's what I would vote for ...

  • Here's another little poll: Who do you think is going to win? Salty Runback or Angry Coaches? Reply here to let us know!

  • @adamhwong I think Salty Runback is going to bring it this time. Though, I've heard that they will be going with a new name... "Saltier Runback"

  • @adamhwong If Salty is going to win, it's gonna take a lot of stepping up or a different team strategy. Their typical plan has been shut down many times at this point. Time for something new!

    Also curious to see if DaBillz's crazy performance was a fluke or if he'll be just as dangerous today.

    I'm rooting for Salty simply for legacy purposes!

  • @adamhwong Angry Coaches FTW!!

  • Let's see that salt

  • @MissDJM you got a new bet with @shidosha?
    Angry Coaches go go!

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