Question About Armor and Armor Penetration Ratios

  • A few questions for the devs:

    1. Does each hero have a base armor stat? I remember this being discussed in the streams. Someone mentioned that Black Knight has the highest default armor stat. So I'm guessing this is the case.

    2. How does Armor Pen work against Armor? Is it a 1:1 ratio? Like if you have 30 armor pen will you just deal plain, regular damage against targets with 30 armor or below?

    3. How much damage does 1 point of armor mitigate? Is it percentage based?

    Thanks so much for the info. Can't wait to get in the game in a couple of weeks and start theorycrafting some more!

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    1. Yes each hero has a unique base armor stat. Black Knight has 20 armor, Throgrim has 10 armor, and the rest of the cast has 5 armor.

    2. Yes armor pen negates armor at a 1:1 ratio. So 10 points of armor penetration perfectly negates 10 armor.

    3. Armor is flat reduction to damage at 1:1 ratio. So if something does 40 damage reguraly and you have 10 armor, it will now do 30 damage. This makes armor strong against quick, low damage attacks.

  • @Peekyu this is the most recent damage calculation I saw from a previous post:

    Damage taken = max((incoming_damage * defender_reduction_percent)-defender_armor, 10)

    Not sure if that answers how armor pen works, but as far as damage mitigation in relation to armor I think it might help. Looks like each point of armor is a point of damage taken away (if this equation still holds true).

    That and currently BK starts with 15 armor compared to the rest of the cast starting with 5.

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