Why are we calling the charcters warriors?

  • It just doesn't make sense to call half the characters in this game a warrior. Not only is it a bland and boring name(not trying to sound rude) but it just sounds awkward to call someone like rawlins a warrior.

    LoL has champions, OW and dota have heroes, breakaway should have legends. It makes sense with the lore since these are all people of legend, and gives the game some character.

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    Thanks for the feedback Yoyon_

    We chose warriors for two main reasons. One we liked the “boots on the ground” feel of it. Breakaway is a 3rd person game where you are much closer to the action than a MoBA and we wanted our name for the characters to match that feel. Second, as the lore begins to roll out you will see that all the warriors are fighting for the Relic for their own reasons. We wanted to capture this fighting spirit and thought warriors did that well.

    But I can totally see what you are saying. While warrior clearly describes Spartacus and Thorgrim, it may confuse some people for Rawlins or Morgan Le Fay.

  • This is a fair opinion, although I don't see any awkwardness or a problem with warrior.

    I do agree that Legends would be better though, especially because of how they market it. (I proposed a change that would emphasize both the idea of Legends and Champions separately here: https://redd.it/56qxid).

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