Love Letter to Breakaway

  • Hey everyone, Kalo here: I'm at the indie corner of the 2nd annual Twitchcon. I just finished streaming at the R6: Siege booth and don't have any other obligations until the party later in the evening, so I'm making my rounds across the show floor to make sure I check everything out. It's my first 'con event ever and the entire thing has already been an amazing experience. This staff rep for a little arcade driving game where you build the road in front of you just finished explaining how it works to me and my girlfriend, so we're giving it a go. After a few tries, we get close to breaking the high score, but despite my undying competitive drive, I'm not focused on winning; in fact, I'm not looking at the driving game at all. I say goodbye to the staffer halfway through a run and start to walk towards where my attention is being drawn: this huge eSports esq. setup that's brimming with excitement in the middle of everything else.
    I had noticed it before (how could I not) but the day prior was so jam-packed that I didn't have the time to check it, along with many other things, out. Something in the energy around this area is different: people are either really quiet or really loud, and they’re all focused on the action taking place on the massive gameplay screen and reacting as if these were competitive teams for a game they’ve been watching and playing for years. Commentators are chiming in, explaining what’s going on in a way even my girlfriend and I, people who have never seen this game before, can understand, and there are lines on both sides of the arena, probably for getting a chance to play the game: I quickly jump into one, still focused on the match playing out on screen.
    A few matches later, I’m getting my picture taken aside a nice group of guys I hopped in with while my girlfriend went to a panel: we won and are going to play on stage soon! Surprisingly though, my joy isn’t so much in getting to play for a crowd as much as it is being able to talk so personally with some of the coaches, AKA developers, right here as I’m waiting. One in particular, Tovar, and I are really striking up some good convo about the game’s potential and what the dev team’s plans are for the near and more distant future. It’s really getting me excited for the whole thing, I’ll be honest, so much so in fact that I forget to figure out an entrance pose for myself before I walk out on stage -- I simply bow and walk over to my seat, still thinking about the conversation I was having backstage.
    Fast forward again, I’m doing a final read-through of my first article for the newly released Breakaway forums. I’m really proud of what I’ve got here: the layout and content have both been through multiple drafts so it’s looking pretty pristine, albeit maybe a bit long. No, no second guesses at this point: copy, paste, check formatting, and post it! The next morning, a couple of developers have already replied, and by the end of the week, my name is on the first line of the official news update. Wow, what a feeling, and the responses have really sparked some great discussion!
    I never looked back after that first article: I’ve put over 10,000 words into those forums, including one article that has over 4,000, and countless more into the community discord server. I’ve met some great people too, including my hilarious Defcon5 teammates, the badass community regulars, and so many more; but none of this would be happening without Amazon’s amazing, dedicated, friendly developers (and the memes surrounding them).
    Tonight, I’m flying out to California to be featured in the last pre-alpha Throwdown Thursday. I get to say that, and live it out! Excitement is high both for me and my beautiful Twitch stream community, but as always, I’m gearing up to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow and build even more, both as a player and a supporter of Amazon Game Studios. If only a certain number of words could express my utmost gratitude towards our developer friends: not only for allowing me this opportunity and the possibility of so many more, but for being so active with the community this early on and for really loving both us and the game.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Super excited to become champions together!

    P.S. Yes, I did go back to that indie driving arcade game and got the high score.

  • See you soon @Kalology !!!!!!!

  • #LetKaloPlay

    Can't wait for you to throw down! :bow: :sweat_smile:

  • See you soon! ;)

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