Amazon Pre-Order Page for Breakaway

  • I'm not sure if it will actually have any impact on the game when it launches, but you are currently able to pre-order Breakaway on Amazon.


    And while we're here:

    New World - Amazon Game Studio's MMO

    Crucible - Amazon Game Studio's Survival game

    All three are currently listed as $0 to pre-order and I'm assuming that's because they'll be F2P. Again, not sure if this will have any impact on anything but I figured it'd be nice to give it a shot!

    Here's hoping we get some more information on the other two games soon!

  • Yeah they've been there since TwitchCon , Maybe even prior. I pre-ordered 5 of each. Lol, perhaps they are using the Amazon approach and giving away the farm to get their start in the industry.

  • @KillCrit

    Haha yeah, I grabbed two of each. Maybe I should add in a few more just in case....

  • I kind of just went crazy and pre-ordered them all. I'm not even sure what Crucible is really about. But New World looked like a fun open world MMO that wouldn't mind trying out as well. Breakaway....well obviously I had to add that one too.

  • I can't wait for the full release of Breakaway!

  • I preordered them all. I hope anybody interested in the games does as well. The more people supporting the games the more Amazon will invest into making great games.

  • Hey, Thank you very much! Great way to start my day off :D

  • Thanks! I just pre-ordered all 3. Can't wait for the release of Breakaway, and the alpha too!

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