PlayBreakaway Sub-Button and Merchandise

  • Dear Breakaway Team and Community,

    We're getting closer to the alpha (this week) and release next year (2017) so I thought I'll make a thread about the suggestions which are floating aound in my head for some time.

    I think it would be a nice addition for the Breakaway community (at least for the Twitch peeps here) if it would be possible to buy a subscription for the offical Twitch-Channel. Since the game is connected with Twitch and is made from/for streamers more or less, I guess it would be a neat idea to get some cute Breakaway emotes!

    I don't think it would be too difficult to get a sub button for Breakaway.

    Another idea I would greatly appreciate is, to see an offical or sponsored Breakaway - Merchandise Store. So you will be able to buy T-Shirts, Cups, Posters, Mousepad, Plush Toys, et cetera.
    I would love to buy a Breakaway T-Shrit and different goodies for me and for my room. As example, it would be a perfect idea to sell a special Breakaway - Extra Life T-Shirt to support the kids and the charity tournament.


    • PlayBreakaway sub button

    • Breakaway Merchandise

    However, in my opinion it would be a small little and good addition to Breakaway which is also realizable.

    Last but not least, I wish everyone a wonderful december week and the Breakaway Team a flawless start into the first alpha week! Also an early merry Christmas to everyone!

    So long, Domi! :santa_tone1:

  • These sound like great ideas. I hope to be able to buy merchandise soon!

  • I'm all for merchandise. I'd get a shirt to promote the game if I like it.

  • Cool ideas! ^^

  • I'd do it for a "Someone failed to accept the match / sad relic" twitch emote. That thing is pure gold, so sad they patched it out :(

  • @Eschter Ill start making the website for y'all <3 for the merch

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