Can't install .Net 4.6 On windows 8.1?

  • I can't install the twitch launcher because .net 4.6 won't seem to install on my computer. It downloads the files just fine, it just seems to just hang upon uninstalling until the twitch installer gets bored and prompts the usual error messages.

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    @Coolcat33333 Try restarting your computer then reinstalling the the launcher and the game along with the .net 4.6. If this doesn't work, please respond back with the following information so we can look into this further:

    How much Ram does your computer have?
    What Video Card are you using?
    Have you done any recent updates to your Video Card?
    Are there any other programs running when you are trying to launch the game?
    Are you using WiFi or Wired connection?
    What Time Zone is your computer set to?

    It looks like rebooting between multiple updates will let all the updates install properly and then the Twitch Installer will work.

    ***Thread Locked as duplicate. If you have any further issues, please use the official post:

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