Alpha and Stream+

  • Will the players have the ability to stream and utilize the stream+ mechanic in any way? Or will broadcasters, or, well, anyone, have access to stream+ during the alpha?

  • @Ixath Judging from the following answer from the Alpha FAQ, I suspect that Stream+ won't be enabled yet:

    "Q) Will any of the Twitch features you talked about at TwitchCon be in the Breakaway Alpha?
    A) The Twitch Alpha will feature both Metastream, which gives you the freedom to make custom stat reporting via OBS and/or Xsplit and Broadcaster Spotlight, which will allow people to know when your match is being streamed."

    Depending on whether or not we have access to the raw Metastream -- the article only has instructions on their out of the box overlays and not necessarily on advanced "roll your own / build off our data" instructions -- it's possible you could create something similar to Stream+, though it would help if there was an existing voting chat bot to build off of (I'm not familiar with this space yet).

  • @Hylebos Ohhh thank you. I haven't been here in a while and didn't know there was a FAQ now! Thank you =)

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