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    Hello Breakaway Community!

    If anyone has any trouble downloading Breakaway using the Twitch Launcher (Beta) or starting it with the Launcher please use this link: to request support. Also you can leave a post here and we try to find a solution.

    A quote from our support team @BelirDarkstone and @ReticentCouch : "So basically when you get that install error, it is an error with the visual c++ redistributable. The don't surface what the error is. I have seen it be not enough space on your c: drive which is where the redist wants to install. Chaotyk was that he removed autodesk, which I suspect was using an older version so the install couldn't overwrite the in use files."

    @ReticentCouch :"There's a fix in work for it @BelirDarkstone ."

    Source: Breakaway Discord

    Other Important links:
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