Problems opening in Windows 10

  • Hello guys
    I had the twitch launcher app on my computer with windows 7, but when I upgraded it to Windows 10 the application does not open anymore, not even in compatibility mode.

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    @toonysaantos I've seen that error before and you can fix it with the following steps:

    1. Go ahead and uninstall the Twitch Launcher.
    2. Remove the currently installed version of Microsoft C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) and (x86).
    3. Reboot the computer
    4. Reinstall the Twitch Launcher and it will also install Microsoft C++ 2015

    This should allow the game to play without launch failure. Let me know if this helps! :space_invader:

  • Do you have the most recent update for 10? I thought I did then ran check up date and there was a big update recently

  • I had Breakaway running in admin mode, taking out of admin mode let me launch the game. Windows 10.

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    @toonysaantos can't wait to see you in the Arena tomorrow. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Breakaway at Respond here if you run into anymore issues.

  • @ags_bc
    I tried to do this but after installing the twitch launcher it does not open to download the game

  • Have you got all Win10 updates?

  • @2real4game @ags_bc
    I managed to run the twitch launcher but the game did not start giving the message launch failure

  • I am having the same issue. The above fix did not work for me. Just to add some more info,
    My system is fully updated. My other Windows 10 system opens it just fine. Only real difference from this comp and my other is I'm running GTX 960 SLI. If you need any other info, please let me know.

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