Possible to view Ping in game?

  • I was curious if the alpha had something that displayed ping, either by default or by a console command? I've pinged the servers but a live meter of it in game would be nice as well.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    There's not a simple UI-based view at the moment. However, if you run the game in windowed mode (either change in settings or press alt+enter on keyboard), it's actually displayed in the title bar of the game application.

    At the very end of the text in the title bar, you should see something like this:

    [us-west-2: 32.50][us-east-1: 77.00]

    us-west-2 is the AWS data center in Oregon.
    us-east-1 is the AWS data center in Virginia.

    The numbers are ping times in milliseconds.

    Hope that helps!

  • @ReticentCouch This is a lie... if you go into console and play window borderless is appears normally at th top of your screen :D

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