We Want Your Alpha Feedback!

  • Ever since we debuted at TwitchCon, we’ve taken your feedback and incorporated what we could into Breakaway production. Here's a quick note on Alona's changes from Game Designer Greytrip...


  • Borderless Windowed mode?

  • The controls to fight in game are rough.... I keep wanting to move around while casting spells as the Raven chick, Only to be disappointed.

    My first game was atrocious! We got smashed by the opposing team, it almost felt like we didn't have a chance, even though everyone was the same level. There was no chance of even stepping foot outside of our little base. And buildables did little to no damage, nor seemed to have any impact on the overall match. Ill try a second match and see how I feel, But it was nothing like what I expected it to be.

  • Quick key to show spell details in game, please!

  • Put something so we know who accepted the game

  • Not being able to type to your team mates in between rounds is very odd, best time to strategise or discuss what went wrong. It'd be nice if we could leave the end screen earlier being forced to look at a stat board when you just wanna queue up again like the way LoL, Dota, OW etc do it. I am enjoying the game its refreshing just sucks I have really awful lag because its NA exclusive

  • While in game, To view spell details I figured out that it is the ESC button.

  • I would be really hyped for this game if it was smoother. Here are some of my complaints. No immobilization while attacking sucks, and I feel like I can't do anything because I'm stuck in an action. My suggestion: give a damage buff if you're attacking while standing still, and remove basic attack movement locks so players can run while attacking. Improve UI. Give chat box. Let players go to Warrior tab while in party or queuing up for a match. Needs balancing, for example the cowboy is pretty powerful with burst damage, mobility, range, on top of basic-attack-free-mobility. Here's my likes. Game has a fun style involving traps. It's sort (movement locks make it difficult to be fast and fun) of fast pace. Unique integration of combat and sports mix.

  • i hate not being able to move whilst attacking, other than that pretty dope game.. :)

  • Healthbars for buffs are outside their icons as the game progresses. Very rare bug where i am unable to move after respawning or starting a match

  • What's the bind for taunt?

  • Apart from delayed jump times and some bugs its great

  • Would like a windowed-fullscreen mode. Setting windowed with my monitor's resolution forces a Windows window bar at the top of the menu which makes it ever so slightly off.

  • If I'm in searching for a match, and I alt-tab away, the icon should flash or something to let me know it found a game.

  • Would love to give good feedback but it is unplayable from Australia....

  • Okay, the menu is super un-intuitive in the hero select screen. I just quit a match because I thought I was closing my perks page. Why do you have 3 buttons to quit?! Also, can you please make borderless windowed mode?

  • ok i go fot my feedback

    of Game good
    -fast play

    of Game Bad
    -Bad Aim
    -Cant move in attack (is this a 80's Game???)

    • not balanced teams
      -Function items curestionable
      -bad resolution
      -slow reactions
      -Aim invisible in tf
      OF community
      -No TW

    This is my feedback after 10 Plays

  • One thing i would love to see added in options is a monitor 1 and 2 option for the game screen cause it sucks im force to play windows to move it to my main screen cause the full screen option reverts it to my other screen behind my main monitor. Just would be a nice quality of life improvement for those who have multiple monitors

  • camera is very hard to watch the arena area and to attack or watch the other players. It is good start I will get used to it I guess and maybe some improvement all round with camera and fight controls

  • @CheatTheHangman Anecdotally, I play with a controller and if I press start I can see ability details in game, not sure what you can use on mouse / keyboard to accomplish the same effect but I hope the feature parity would exist.

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