• I have been playing since the first test opened to certain people. To save the very least, I often find myself at home or work just shaking with anticipation of getting home and playing. My work days have melted into a blob and blur of memories and my nights spent shaking with cold sweats. I have tasted the euphoria that is Breakaway, and have only felt this kind of feeling once before; when Counter-Strike 1.6 was released. Please Breakaway team, please don't scrap this game. I need my fix in order to properly make it through the tedium of day to day work. Bring me back to the late nights giggling and cursing out other players for killing me when I was close to killing them.

    There have been many times that I wanted to stream gameplay on Twitch and invite some well known YouTube/Twitch gamers to join, but alas, being able to pay the bills is better than being able to play the game.

    My name is VampyrateXD, and I am a Breakaway addict...

  • @Vampyrate Thank you for sharing your story Vamprate. We all feel your pain. For most of us, our last taste of the game was month ago. I know for me personally, I've since had to fill my time with terrible things like... going to work and... spending time with family.

    It's been tough, but soon our cravings will be satiated.

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