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  • Hey Everyone,

    So I made it into the Alpha and I tried to download the Twitch Launcher and install it. However, after 3 attempts of trying, I encounter the same error each time. This is the error I am receiving.

    "The Twitch Launcher (Beta) has encountered an error.
    Please check the FAQ located here :
    Click 'ok' to exit installation."

    Any ideas?

  • Its usually cause its having a hard time install the Visual C++ Runtimes. Go to and search the question concerning the C++, download them from the links. I had the same problem.

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    @Etyrnal Sorry to hear that you are having troubles downloading and installing the Twitch Launcher.

    There are a few things you can do to fix this issue:

    Reboot your computer.
    Make sure you download the recent (rather large) Windows 10 update.
    Reboot again to make sure updates finish installing.
    Re-download the Twitch Launcher install file, the try installing.
    Remove the currently installed version of Microsoft C++ 2015 and let the Twitch Launcher install it for you. (Thanks Warrior @nFxus for the tip!)

    There is a thread in our Technical Support forum for this issue here:

    If you are still encountering errors after trying these steps, please post in that thread and let us know.

    We hope to see you in game soon!

    **Moved to technical support forum and locking as duplicate.

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