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  • I am using a USB headset, and I have it set as my default sound device in windows. I have audio in other games and on youtube. When I launch Breakaway, I have 0 game audio in-game or in menus. Is this a known issue? Windows 10 here.

    Edit: I found a 3.5mm Headphone and plugged it in, and I have sound. So the game just hates my USB sound, I guess?

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    @GameAgeddon ensure that the in-game volume isn't disabled or very low. To check the volume levels, go to Settings and look under the Volume section. Adjust these as needed, but ensure that they aren't set to 0, otherwise there will be no sound.

    If the in game volume is turned up all the way, follow the guidance at for further troubleshooting.

    Let us know if you are still getting no audio.

  • Make sure your sound is set to speakers and not headset. That's how i fixed the sound problem for now.

  • Check out my edit, ags_cm. In-game audio was set to 100% for all 4 sliders. I switched from my USB headset to a 3.5mm headset and I had audio in-game, so the game dislikes USB headsets, I guess.

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    @GameAgeddon we really appreciate you letting us know what you did to get audio in game. I will pass this information along to our developers about the issue with USB Headsets.

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