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  • One thing I have noticed is that I am completely unable to get into games at the moment because people are failing to acknowledge them. I think a louder sound needs to be made whenever a match is found, it can be anything that grabs peoples attention. And turn the OK button to an accept/reject form so that people don't ignore it seeing as it just says "Ok".

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    Our intent with this design was to give you great quality matches against other humans, not AFK players or bots. However the rate of failures we're seeing is too high. We're investigating what we can do to improve the situation.

  • i have no sound at all and am trying to figure out how to get it.

  • Yeah, I think having the game window pop open whenever there's a match found would help a lot too.

  • i think the problem is that if someone is AFK and didn't acknowledged the game found, the game just puts him/her straight back into the queue for yet another failed attempt to start a match for everyone else, i think if someone failed to acknowledge a match he should be put out of the queue til he manually rejoins, a "deserter penalty" would be good too to encourage people to either stick with their matches or leave the queue entirely.

  • @Skilful_scalpel Its still in Alpha so a deserter penalty is out of the question ATM. It will most likely be in the full game if this game is like many others, but there are too many bugs affecting players to be able to do it now. And the game doesn't automatically requeue them when someone doesn't accept What happens is that people are unaware that the queue pops so they miss it. It happens to a lot of players, including myself. What they need to do is pick a louder, more abrupt tone to grab peoples attention, rather than what they have now which sounds like its just the music changing slightly.

  • so people for 30 mins havent been activly looking at there game for a que i dont think so

  • @Boxaholic It only takes 1 person to miss out on the queue. And it has happened 4-5 times in a row for me, if I am trying to do other things at the same time. So that ate up like 5 minutes of time with 1 person. There are many people playing the alpha at the moment, there is an even larger chance for this to happen. Could also be random person trolling if the current player count is lower than I thought. Not that the internet would ever have anyone douchey enough to do something to waste other peoples time.

  • Yea it does get a bit silly.... Ive had spans of 10 or so minutes of consistent failed acknowledgements.

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