Character visual feedback

  • I don't know if it is just me but I feel very underwhelmed by the visual and audio feedback of my characters actions. I would personally be more satisfied if my actions had a larger impact on the game world. Thoughts?

  • Not sure what you mean, like more flashy skills? breakable items?

  • Scenery interaction would make it more satisfying I feel.

  • My opinion on this would be that people with lower-end gaming rigs would suffer from those additions, but it should be an option for sure. Maybe things like small plants rustling/getting trampled as you pass/walk on them, puddles splashing, footprints in mud. Birds/leaves scattering. Optional sound effects for all of them. Same with one's abilities. Perhaps an option for things like your screen shuddering/shaking as responses to certain actions.
    Again, some users would A) Hate these things aesthetically B ) Hate how they might detract from their ability to interpret more relevant match information and C) hate how it adds more stress to their gaming rig, either dropping frames per second, causing lag, or even disliking if it makes their fans blow louder. So my emphasis on this input is that all of these should be highly tweakable.

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