Twitch Launcher

  • I would play this game, but I refuse to use another stupid game launcher, steam, gog, curse,, origin, uplay, and now twitch. stop releasing launchers, ESPECIALLY STOP REQUIRING YOUR LAUNCHER TO PLAY THE GAME.


    Just stop.

  • i couldn't agree more, i came to the forums for this exact specific rant and the people didn't disappoint, it would have been weird if i had to make one myself and to find that no one called them out on that garbage already!

  • In the spirit of full disclosure, i lost a bet, and have to play this breakaway game this weekend. This only deepens my disdain for these launchers, and I now resent both amazon and twitch. Its juvenile and short-sighted, I grant you all that up front; but amazon has been spoiled for me, so much so this rant to nobody felt obligatory.

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