General response and fluidity

  • Not sure if I'd attribute it to having to stand still to melee and shoot, because I've played games that felt responsive with that as the rule, but the game does not feel fluid or responsive. Maybe it's that abilities don't fire toward the direction my camera is facing, but instead the direction the character is facing...(facing and activating an ability should automatically turn you that direction and activate imo)... Maybe it's the general awkwardness of the movement controls. I'm not really sure, but this is just my immediate feeling after playing through the tutorial and 2 games.

    I can definitely see some potential here but the game must see some improvements in the general response and fluidity of movement and action.

  • Yeah, I'm having the same issues. It just doesn't 'feel' very good when playing. I think you definitely feel it moreso with some characters than others. I think part of it will just take some getting used to as well.

  • I agree with this as well, very hard to keep track of movement and it's definitely not real fluid.

  • I feel this too. Input latency is pretty damn atrocious and really kills the game for me, although I should probably mention I'm in Europe

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