Needs mouse & keyboard as well as controller rebinding

  • For anyone not using a qwerty keyboard, or for those who use a control scheme other than the traditional wasd (such as esdf or left hand ijkl users) really need the ability to change the default key controls to something more to their liking. Similarly, for controller users being able to change button configuration would be a great boon.

  • @Asatruer 100% agree.. I can't even test it out properly because of this.. This should have been a no brainer..

  • You have to remember that the game is in alpha, and it still has a lot of work left. I'm sure button configurations will come into play a bit later close to beta.

  • @Mjw7502 Yep, I understand that. I even got a response from someone at Breakaway and they indicted the same thing. He said he would pass it along. Hopefully in the next build or a later build it gets added in so I can give this an honest test.

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