Twitch launcher doesn't display game

  • I entered the alpha code i got from twitch con, connected it to my twitch account. When I installed the launcher, it doesn't show the game at all.

    alt text

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    Hi there. I am sorry the game is not appearing in your Twitch Launcher.

    It can take a little while for the entitlement to go through to your Twitch account, meaning the game won't appear in the Launcher.

    Please close the Twitch Launcher and wait about 15 minutes then open it again to see if the game is available. If it is not, uninstall the Twitch Launcher via Windows Add/Remove Programs and re-download the installation file from

    If you still cannot see the game after that, please reply and let us know.

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    @old_nash Just wanted to let you know we are looking into it.

    It does show you are entitled to the Breakaway game. Are you using a different Twitch ID for the Launcher?

    Uninstall the launcher one more time and make sure to use the link below to make sure you are on our most current build.

  • @ags_cc I entered the alpha code about 1 week ago. I did exactly what you said and it's still not showing up in the twitch launcher.

  • Sorry to ask here (I'm lost the thread..)
    But I unistall the Launcher, used CCleanner and reboot my PC.
    After all this thing, I downloaded the Launcher again (this time he don't make a update like yesterday), but still not appear the game in the list.

    What the wrong I'm doing?

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    @하늘색 Can you try the Twitch Launcher again? The game should appear in the list now. :space_invader:

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