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  • Cannot add friends to list. was trying to add Smashley and she never appeared.

  • Global Moderators

    @Kynsar When you add a friend to the friends list they do not get added immediately - their name will appear under "Requests" until they have accepted. After that they will appear under "Online" or "Offline."

    I have successfully added a couple of our team members to the friends list so we are unable to reproduce any issues with this feature.

    Please try adding a friend again. If they still do not show up under "Requests" please let us know.

  • Make sure you type it case sensitive

  • Global Moderators

    @kynsar I also tried adding a co-worker on my personal account and they did not appear at first. However, quitting the game and starting it again forced them to appear. You may try this if you are still experiencing this issue.

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