Match Loaded but Stuck in Load Screen

  • Sooo.. I just had the weirdest bug happen to me. The match had started, but the loading screen stayed up like it was still loading. I could hear myself attacking if I clicked, I could hear the announcer saying things like "The enemy team has obtained the damage buff" or whatever. But the loading screen was still up, so I was unable to see anything. I did have the game minimized while it was loading, so I am not sure if this caused the error.

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    @Mjw7502 Hey will you try to close everything out and go back in and reproduce the issue, that way we could track if it was a minimizing issue.

  • I've just had this bug happen to me too, picked Black Knight and the map that was loading was Atlantis. 4 players on each team.

  • I would like to add that i was using Medium graphics settings then, and i haven't encountered the issue now that i switched back to High graphics.

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