closed bad game, desktop gone

  • Closed the game, all my desktop items are gone. cant move my taskbar.

    also, terrible game imo, perhaps im terrible at games all of a sudden, but got steam rolled 10 games in a row. no clue how you would balance this.

  • You just have to find a character you are good at and keep playing it. Then you will start getting better.

  • @doocesftw It sounds more like your harddrive is dieing rather than the game messing with it.

  • restarted computer. desktop still gone. 0 icons, cant move my taskbar.

  • Re: [closed bad game](desktop gone)
    no, it happened to the other person i was playing with as well. he restarted the game and closed it again and everything re-appeared for him.

    its not my hard drive. please keep your uninformed babble to yourself. its not helping anyone.

  • I fixed it - right clicked desktop -> view -< checked back on "show desktop items" game unchecked it.

    Fix that.

    Not for me, im not playing this. already annoyed about the launcher. Fix it for the other fools.


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