A few things from a few hours of play.

  • Ok Breakaway devs, I am going to throw a ton at you. What I am putting down is what was handed to me through playing thus far. Its a pretty good list, but if its not right or I am missing something, its because the game did not point me to it, thus the UX may have a look see.

    As a game dev myself, I know it can sound insulting when asking questions or questioning design choices because of flows/states and unfinished systems. I am going to assume this is Alpha, but the core mechanics are in play here with just a need of polish. If I am off, I apologize.

    1: Lack of ability to communicate.
    Currently, there is no way that I know of to communicate unless you play around with Curse Client. Since I and many others hate and despise Curse with a passion, unless there is some sort of contract agreement (assuming there is because its a flagship spot), in-game comms or even chat would be awesome. Making a plan would be nice, and pug communication would work wonders. Currently, all I can say is what character I am choosing and then your stuck.

    - Hotkeys to target/ping/tell plans
    - Quick keys to highlight lane push, crossover, attack my target
    - In-game voice chat without having to swap between Curse and .. oh look no one is playing.
    - Basic chat system

    @Mjw7502 said in A few things from a few hours of play.:

    @mayples Y and U are the hotkeys to use the basic chat functions. Y speaks to everyone. U speaks to your team mates.

    2: Rebindable Keys/Controls/Mapping/Controller.
    I am sure this is going to happen as its a fluid thing for testing and hotkeys just may not be an option yet. However the ability to map my Mouse buttons, or even a controller would significantly help. While I am not a pro player, but I am slightly above the average player when it comes to competitive gaming, my hands don't stretch across keyboards anymore. Moving 1-2 keys to a quick key makes life easier, so remapping would be useful.

    3: Cutscenes are way way to loooooooooooong.
    The cutscenes feel out of place with the supposed style of the game. We get it, it was an epic play, but .25% modifier is a bit much. Maybe a quick play right to the moment the play is happening. It would be nice also to see on the left/right side what actually happened such as, X player passed the ball to Scoring Player, Scoring Player Threw the Ball into Goal. Almost like a play/play recap to see the teamwork with -0:10 time frames showing.

    Example Mock Up:
    Example UI

    4: Response of keys
    Not quite sure what it is, but it feels non responsive. Almost like there is an input delay or the fluid feel isn't there. When you swing the animation plays, but it doesn't feel like your in control, it feels more click wait, click wait, click wait. In a battle arena style, the fast pace with the click wait feels laggy. I know the input delay isn't really there, but it feels as if the GCD may be a bit to high for the basic attack abilities.

    5: Print Screen broke
    Just an FYI, PRNTSCRN is broken in fullscreen mode. Tested on 3 computers, couldn't get it to work. Windows 10. Only in windowed mode.

    6: FullScreen Window
    Just a suggestion to add it in, helps with the wait time to be able to browse back and forth. If were going to be forced to use Curse client for voice chat, I would love to be able to go between monitors.

    7: I like to click Quit :(
    The character select screen has two buttons. One up top and one on the bottom that say "QUIT". Ironically, when you go to click on Skins or you click on Perks, your UI instinct is to hit the '<' arrow up top or bottom. Sadly, that is not a BACK button, its a quit game button. Can we move the QUIT game button to the top right, and the back button to those two spots. It makes more sense in the UX/UI. It would also be nice if it was renamed "Leave Game/Match" or something of the like vs QUIT.

    Unbalanced with AI
    So when 2 people quit and the game continues on with AI, it is faster to just leave the game and join a new match. Currently the AI does some silly stuff like walk into the traps and feed the other team. I would get killed because the 2 AI bots would die instantly, then its a game over. They constantly just hop around and feed the enemy team.

    Que Drops 1/14
    The Que will pop then drop while in the Help Menu every so often. It happens every so often.

    During Ques we do nothing
    Currently during a Que wait, we stand there and do nothing. Can we have the ability to chat in a global channel, watch a twitch stream, look through our current heroes stuff.. something besides just waiting in a que for a pop?

  • @mayples Y and U are the hotkeys to use the basic chat functions. Y speaks to everyone. U speaks to your team mates.

  • @Mjw7502 said in A few things from a few hours of play.:

    @mayples Y and U are the hotkeys to use the basic chat functions. Y speaks to everyone. U speaks to your team mates.

    Thanks for that, I will update my post.

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