Feedback: Pretty fun, needs some tweaks

  • Hello,
    Thank you for the Alpha. I played about 6 matches tonight. Overall this was a fun experience and I could certainly see myself playing this with friends over discord. It feels similar to lane based MOBAs such as Heros of the storm with a dash of Rocket League. Please note these thoughts are from an extremely new user who may not understand nuances.


    • Very engaging and the goals of what you need to accomplish are very clear. The Hero roles seem well defined and abilities are different enough not to feel stale.
    • The visuals are nice and even in the alpha the matches were seemless with next to zero lag.
    • The in match customization of HP/Armor/Damage etc was pretty cool, although somewhat distracting.


    • Combat is a bit button mashy. Playing the tank characters it really felt like I was simply smashing the area around the ball most of the game to keep people from picking it up. As the Shooting characters it seemed like the basic attack could effectivly stun lock someone trying to make a play on the ball.
    • I found myself very confused on some of the unique abilities regarding what they actually did. It was also difficult to keep track of the cooldowns in such a fast paced environment. Perhaps this is just something that comes with experience.


    • Matchmaking needs an overhaul. Perhaps this is just an alpha issue, but I needed to reclick play "someone failed to respond" reclick play "sometime failed to respond" at least 4 times before getting into a match nearly every single time.
    • Tool tips which explain what the unique abilites do, along with perhaps a audio indicator of when cooldowns expire. Some of the "constructs/turrets" were also a bit confusing on what they actually accomplished.
    • Perhaps simply getting hit with an auto attack doesn't dislodge the ball. Maybe it could be retooled to taking a certain amount of damage instead? I think that would make the game a little more fluid.
    • Controller support! I hope this is implemented, because this game seems to me like it would be so much more seemless on a controller than a keyboard.

    Again, thank you for the Alpha. Very interesting/fun game.

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