How to taunt?

  • I have taunt on some characters but i have no idea how or when to use them? Is there a Hotkey for this? Is it a chat command? Help pls

  • I'd love to know as well! Just equipped a taunt, can't figure out which button it is.

  • Press the up arrow key.

  • any one have full keybanding list ???
    i press t y enter .. witch ist for chat ???

  • On controller, down on the control pad taunts. Took me a while to figure it out, I'm not sure they made it as clear as it could be.

  • @SethSamson for chat you can try "Z", "Y" depending on your keyboard.

  • I hit enter in a game and it brought up a chat interface. Don't know if it was team specific though.

    I'd like to see a keybinding list in game even if it's not editable during Alpha.

  • From an other thread i gathered that "Y" is global and "U" is team chat.

  • Y global chat
    U team chat
    Up arrow Taunt
    Ctrl + 3 = quick chat in game
    No worries

  • @raretrumpepe Never received this bug, please post it in the bug forum please as this needs to be fixed :) Possibly try reinstalling the game as this will refresh your files.

  • Not even basic keybinding features, not EVEN A LIST OF HOTKEYS.
    Not to mention I can't even get into my first game by forever being stuck in joining a lobby without the option to leave it, even after restarting and trying again.
    I can tell one of two things from this: either the programming team is almost wholly incompetent or the people who own the game studio didn't even bother to see what this game looks like to a player who knows how a multiplayer game functions and what the basic assets needed should be.
    Release an alpha when it's actually an alpha and not a pre-semi-almost-alpha.
    Consider this post as a shadow taunt IRL.

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