Post Game Crash/Lock Up

  • Very often, my game has crashed/locked up after the post game screen, once it starts loading back into the main menu. The only way to reproduce this somewhat reliably is by alt-tabbing out of the fullscreen game after the post-game rewards screen. It locks up to the point that the only way to correct the crash is to do a hard restart, as I can't control my mouse cursor outside of the first monitor that the game is being played on, and nothing that is on the same monitor will come up, like the Task Manager. I'm trying to stream the game and I've had to drop my stream twice because of this crash.

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    @iSaint09 I'm sorry to hear about this crash. I've PM'd you to request some more info on this. Please check your messages.

    @TrailerParkPrince Have you tried opening task manager (Ctrl+Left Shift+Esc) and right-clicked on Relay_x64 in the "Apps" section and selected "End Task?" This should clear up any issues with it saying the game is already running. If you are still experiencing this issue, please start a new post in our Technical Support forums here:

    Thanks! We hope to see you in the arena soon!

  • My game kept doing this fully crashed now it wont open. Keeps saying its already running and cant close it

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