Initial thoughts on the game

  • First, the good. I do like the art style, I like the size of the map and the movement of the characters. The camera has been surprisingly decent, and abilities relatively responsive. The abilities themselves are even relatively interesting, with characters that have so far proven to be decent. Some certainly feel better than others. Morgan le Fay not having--that I could find--a way to really direct where her E would go was a bit janky. Just a sort of 'look in that direction' bit.

    The bad mostly comes down to WAY too many cutscenes. I don't want a replay. I have no interest in it. Just get me to the next round, or at the very least give me an option to skip it. Give me an option to skip EVERY cutscene in fact, as well as every window at the end. For that matter, condense all of the windows at the end into one. Overwatch was particularly bad about that, artificially extending the game by 30 seconds or more with all of the ending screens. We get it, you want it to look pretty; but it's mostly just obnoxious as I want to go about other finds. Find a neat, compact way to present it all and you'll get a lot further imo.

    Also, balancing. Part of it is clearly skill, but there were several times where Spartacus or the Black Knight kept me or my teammates locked down with near permanent CC. It was neither interactive nor interesting, and was mostly just frustrating to deal with as I pointlessly tried to use a movement ability until it actually went off. That needs to be balanced or it's going to be a huge issue. Look into how CC ruined Warhammer Online's PvP, as an example.

    Personally I'm not crazy about the buildables, although I get why they're here. In the low levels at least games are starting to seem to be turret up, and hope your team can/will actually focus them. It's a bit of a bad meme, but I'll admit I don't know what you could do about that other than putting more emphasis on their destruction or removing them entirely. Either that or re-tuning their health.

    The menus are a bit jank, as well. The UI has a lot of wasted space and the lack of a proper borderless window feature is barbaric. Everything needs to be tight, condensed, and clean. Right now it isn't bad, but there's little reason for the current giant feel of the UI. It's also just very... yellow, and almost harsh on the eyes. A louder 'Match has been found!' noise would also be useful.

    Not to mention... why can I not look at the warriors menu when I'm in a party? Particularly considering once we get into a game I'll be picking a warrior anyways?

    In short, this game feels like it has a wealth of potential and I really do want to see it do well. Despite the issues I had with it I had fun with the games I played, and am looking forward to checking out various other warriors and seeing how each plays. There are just clearly a lot of things to be worked on, as well. Which does make sense, considering it's an Alpha.

    Thank you for the invite, and looking forward to seeing where the game advances from here.

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