Opinions On Hero Stacking???

  • I have run into more than a few groups who just run triple stack tank and it really ruins the pace and flow of the game. It seems to be quite popular already and as we have seen with other games such as Overwatch it could cause more harm than good in the long run.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks for bring it up! We're definitely still experimenting with team compositions and we'll be looking at lots of data from the alpha to see if there are certain matchups that mess things up. There area definitely ways to roll over super tanky teams with movement speed and teamwork, but that's probably tough to expect right now since everyone's only been playing for a day or so.

    Did you have any opinions on what type of solution you'd like to see? Are you thinking only one of a given character per team?

  • @ReticentCouch
    I'm noticing teams of 3-4 Spartacus or Black knights and a Anne bonny/Rawlins just steam rolling teams not doing the same thing.
    Obviously skill level and communication has to do with it too, but I don't feel like I'm getting much of the experience when all 4 of us die trying to get a buff or even in our base trying to play defense against a team of "tanks". Half the time they don't even have to actually score...
    I'm sure people will smart up and start picking mobile/anti tank gear eventually, but right now its definitely not the case.
    Maybe make a separate queue for "free for all" play later on and limit casual to one of each.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks for the info. In the long run, we want to limit teams to one character per team. But we decided we are not ready for that since for many archetypes we only have one character.

    In the mean time, we are looking carefully at the data and in the past found that teams with 3-4 of the same character tended to perform worse than more diverse teams, but we'll keep our eye out to see if this changes.

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