Voting for MVP after game

  • This bug is simple, sometimes you are not given the ability to select a person as your cursor is not present, this occurs randomly and is not consistent but is not inconsistent enough to not be noticed.

    Just thought I'd let you know I don't know if others are experiencing this but I have a few times.

  • This also happened to me this last game I played. Frustrating as I thought maybe the game was freezing, but in reality the cursor was just not there.

  • @ThatGingerrGamer I've noticed this as well, sometimes I'm still able to vote but my mouse cursor is hidden so it's more of a "who's lucky enough to get blindly/madly clicked first?" type of deal. Also, I straight up haven't ever been able to vote for MVP with a controller.

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    @Hylebos @Mazer1985 @ThatGingerrGamer thank you for reporting this I have escalated the issue to the developers and brought it to their attention.

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