Quick First Impressions

  • I'm gonna start on a bad note. Rawlins, the Django wannabe, seems to be very powerful with a very simple setup. This was my experience from the last game I played today which was about my 5th match:

    Enemy Rawlins bought Damage, Armor Pierce, Speed, and some other buff I forget. Now I'm not complaining about how he does so much damage because that's his job. I'm complaining about how the Speed buff pretty much makes Rawlins unstoppable. Unlike other ranged characters in the game, Rawlins can move while shooting meaning he's zipping around the battlefield and near impossible to hit. Not even slows from Morgan really do anything. The only person on our team that could kill him was Spartacus, assuming he managed to get close with or without his dash, but I'm positive the enemy team noticed this because they kept on focus him because the rest of our team couldn't threaten Rawlins.

    Rant Over! I hate complaining. Otherwise I'm very much enjoying the game. I like the idea of having multiple ways of scoring points, and so far just ignoring the relic and going for kills hasn't been much of an issue. I like the character designs both appearance and ability wise. Although the game, unsurprisingly because it's alpha, definitely has a bunch of issues though(aside from what I said above):

    • I chose my character with a team and later at the loading screen there were just me and another guy. Inside the match, it was me teamed with bots against 4 human players.
    • I don't know how to taunt.
    • Ranged attacks feel very inconsistent. I understand leading the target, but there are many times where it felt like an attack should've hit but it didn't.
    • Many times I don't know what's happening because things are so chaotic. I barely recognize projectiles, even my own, because of how much stuff is happening.
      *Buff range on Morgan's buildables. Just a personal thing. Her towers seem so useless because of how short range they are forcing you to build in the middle of combat which is a bad thing to do and usually ends with the buildable dying immediately.
    • Show the name of the crystal buffs and have them change every round. Do they respawn? I doubt it but I never paid attention.
    • I want click and hold LMB to attack. It's tiring to keep mashing the button as any character I've played so far.

    That's all I can think of for now. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

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