First round played

  • Howdy,

    I wanted to give my first feedback directly after I played the first round to keep it authentic and fresh.
    I will list my impression in no particular order and without assigning any weight to any of the items (if not explicitly said otherwise).

    fullscreen windowed mode
    The first thing that bugged me a lot was the inability to set the game into "fullscreen windowed" mode. I never play in fullscreen, because I always have something else going on on the side. Since this game is partially also focusing on streamers, I am sure that streamers would appreciate this mode even more, since they got a lot to take care of while playing. When the servers were down, I wasn't able to enter the options nor was there a possibility for me to quit. I was kind of stuck. So that's something you might want to change

    The tutorial was way too basic for me. I think that people who pick up the game know how to move a character. But then again, some might not, so don't leave that out. My point is rather to make tutorials optional and to offer 3 kinds of tutorials: The world (movement, environment), the combat (fighting, skills) and the progression (items, levels). I am picturing a panel of three appealing visuals each leading to one of those tutorials. The player can then decide to skip them or make them. Most will probably skip them first and revisit them after they realise that they have no idea how to use the abilities. Optionally, the player could pick a character to play the tutorial with. But that is more of "nice to have" kind of feature.

    I have just finished the first round and it was fun. However, there were some things that I don't know if I have missed or that don't exist. Is there a chat in game? I couldn't find one. If there is a chat, it would be nice if people could chat while respawning or at the end of the game when the slowmotion recap runs. Especially new people won't really know which item to pick and if two of the same characters were picked, maybe the players would like to buy different items to boost different aspects of the same character. All of the above requires interaction.

    Having to confirm a game, despite the fact that I already hit the play button, is annoying. Especially when others don't confirm the game and you end up in queue again. Having pressed "play" and "casual" afterwards is already enough confirmation in my opinion.

    item recommendation
    It would be nice to have items recommended for the character you're playing. Because the time given before a match starts is way too little to actually read what the items do. Maybe an option to read through the items' descriptions outside of active games would be helpful here as well.

    flexibility in control
    Personally, I need to switch a lot between game and other windows. Currently the game doesn't even react to my hitting the windows key to get out of the game. This is no problem when I remain in the lobby or once the game is done. But whenever the mouse is bound to the camera view while handling a character, it won't allow me to leave the game screen. I have to hit CTRL + ALT + DEL and pick the Task Manager to get the mouse outside the game.

    Warriors menu
    This is a truly tiny thing. When I select Warriors in the menu and go to their perks, skins or taunts page, I would like to be able to click on "warriors" at the top again to return to the warrior screen. Hitting ESC should also bring me back to the previous menu until I hit the lobby.

    I understand this is early, so don't consider this a complaint but rather a list of suggestions.

  • @TR3LON1ST you can read up on the items here:
    I understand that you would like to review them ingame, so do I.

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