Keybindings and Combat smoothness

  • Only based on tutorial gameplay, but first thing I do in every game I play is to set up keybindings to my liking.

    The WASD movement is a thorn in the eye for me as I'm used to and like to use the arrow keys as primary movement keys as well as the numpad numbers for abilities. Of course this is Alpha build, but hope in future builds, customisable keybindings will be included.

    Other than that, the gameplay looks good, albeit the combat seems a bit 'rusty' for lack of a better explanation. Animations seem a bit 'locked' if that makes sense and combat doesn't feel that fluid as of yet, hopefully to smooth out in later builds.

  • yeah i would like keybindings as well im trying to figure it out witch one is for taunts and which one is for chat (t y enter no luck ) and other ..

  • Default keybinds always make me cry. I'm a WERD player myself.

  • Keybindings really would be magical. I'm gaming mouse trash, but it really helps when you don't have to sacrifice your left movement "a" for your "q" attack or buildable #1, forward "w" for buildable #2, and right movement "d" for your "e" and "r" attacks. Several of which make more than perfect sense to map to specific mouse buttons I have. Even if you don't implement support/logic for mouse buttons 1-99 or whatever, I already have those buttons mapped to normal gaming buttons like q and e and 1 and 2, so being able to at least remap those appropriately would be ideal. (I mean these as examples, not begging to be catered to specifically)

  • as a small note, having two options would also be nice, because sometimes you just need both of those option available in case one of your hands freezes up or you get rattled.

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