[BUG] Alt-tabbed using 2560x1440 and interface became skewed when tabbing back in

  • On initial launch of the game I set my resolution to 2560x1440 (native monitor resolution) and changed to Ultra video settings. I exited the video menu. Then I alt-tabbed out of the game.

    When I tabbed back into the game the video settings became distorted and it felt like the game had reverted to a previous setting and/or became skewed.

    Restarting the game fixed the problem.

    Have not attempted to reproduce.

  • Same with me I have native 2560x1440 Monitor and every time I had it in fullscreen and I tabbed out it would be this nice skewed screen where you had to aim your mouse like 5 inches to the right of where you wanted to click in order to do anything. clicking back to windowed fixed it for me.

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    @Ixath @KaracCano That you for reporting this I have escalated the issue to the devs for further research.

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