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  • I would appreciate it if Video options were accessible earlier than they are currently. If the game servers are offline, I'm unable to adjust my Video settings. (In this case, from Fullscreen to Windowed) I'd always like to have access to my options menu, especially if I cannot play the game.

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    @Korruna To toggle between fullscreen and windowed view all you have to do is ALT+ENTER

  • @ags_bc That addresses the first part of my post, sure; but we still don't have access to our options menu for Audio, Gameplay or Social settings as well. I guess I just don't see the advantage a user has when I have to authenticate the game in order to have access to the option menu.

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    @Korruna Thanks for the feedback. Since this is a request for specific changes I've moved it into the Comments & Feedback section so the correct team sees it.

    **Moved to Comments & Feedback

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