Can start a match... i need the patch 0.1.1

  • well the match never start after 5 min of waiting and a label say, that i need restart to update the patch 0.1.1, i exit the game but the launcher didnt start anything... what can i do?

  • I may be having the same problem. I played one match, but I am unsure if the 0.1.1 alert was there before. The match started at roughly 11:46am Arizona time.

    I am seeing the hotfix update message now and my current build in the bottom right is reading as

    I have exited and restarted the game, but since my first game I have yet to search for another game. Will report back if I can get in one, but still have the same build version with the 0.1.1 hotfix message present.

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    @xion_tri Sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting into the game now. Please try to log out of Twitch Launcher, uninstall Breakaway through the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature, then log into the Twitch Launcher and download Breakaway again.

    Please let us know whether or not this works for you.

  • So I was able to find a match, but the hotfix 0.1.1 alert is still showing on the home screen. Build version remains the same as the one listed in my previous comment.

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    @PhoenixKA I'm sorry this message is still appearing. Did you try the above steps I posted in response to the OP? The hotfix was released about an hour or so ago and addresses the problem with people failing to acknowledge the game.

  • ok i will reinstall

  • I uninstalled via control panel and reinstalled the game.

    I'm still seeing the 0.1.1 hotfix alert and the build version is reading as;330536.

    I can still get into games and I am getting put directly into games without the need to hit an accept button, so from that standpoint, I appear to be on the right version of the game.

  • Same problem here.

    Rebooted computer. Going to try to uninstall and reinstall now.

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    @PhoenixKA Thanks for the update. I'll let our devs know. It appears that this is not a game-breaking bug at this time so I will have them look into why the error message is still appearing even though you are able to connect.

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