Spectating is fun. It feels like I'm watching a non-stop team fight in a MOBA

  • Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying watching people play. I'm obviously having fun playing, too, but watching is great. Tons of games are fun to play but most are only so-so to watch.

    Normally I'll watch a stream for the streamer, but with Breakaway the gameplay is a large part of the draw for me.

    I've also been seeing other people saying similar things in Twitch chat, that they're having a lot of fun watching it be played.

    Great job so far. 10/10.

  • I'm thinking part of the enjoyment is that the maps are wide open. No matter where the streamer is I can see, mostly, what is going on over the entire map.

    Many other games you're only able to see what's happening immediately in front of the person playing.. which is awesome for the player, but for someone watching it's not as fun.

    With Breakaway I can see three people on the other side of the map and it lets me speculate and all sorts of fun things.

    Either way, coolness, having a blast.

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